Electrode Caps
Every application needs an optimized way to collect data. To accommodate this needs various types of electrode caps like active or passive caps, shielded or non-magnetic caps for several applications like fMRI, TMS, MEG etc. are available.

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Brain Cap
High quality Ag/AgCl ring electrodes for highest research demands including DC recordings. All electrodes are positioned in standard positions or according to individual requirements. Flat adapters ensure great wearing comfort. Ring electrodes allow direct access to the scap and thus painless impedance minimization.

Acti Cap
Electrode Cap with active electrodes minimizing preparation time and reducing environmental noise as well as movement artifacts to a minimum. Integrated three color impedance indicators directly on the electrode and software controlled supportive features simplify system setup. Compatible with all Brain Products amplifiers as well as with various other available EEG systems.

BrainCap MR
fMRI compatible electrode cap. Based on our many years of experience, the new version of the BrainCap MR has been modified to be even more comfortable in scanner environments. Additional safety features have been implemented. Built-in resistors as well as protective tubing around long wires

Modular recording cap equipped with electrode holders at standard or individual positions and ring electrodes. Ag/AgCl electrodes are at highest quality for every type of eeg recording including DC measurements. To be used for high end research applications as well as the ideal teaching cap.

EasyCap active
EasyCap goes active with active electronic components inside the electrode housing. Preparation is faster due to Impedance converters inside the sensor. Environmental artifacts reduced.

EasyCap QuickAmp
The EasyCap has been adapted to benefit from the special QuickAmp features: Active shielding. All electrode wires are shielded and send feedback signals separately into the channel input for better cmr characteristics.

Ring type electrodes with pin type sensors. Flat electrodes especially designed for EEG&TMS recordings, as well as sleep recordings and EEG&MEG.

The requirements of many EEG applications can easily be satisfied using electrodes with tin sensors, which are much cheaper than other electrodes. Therefore EASYCAP now offers caps and single electrodes with sensors made of pure solid tin, which also have great mechanical strength