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    EASYCAP: EEG Recording Caps & Related Products

    EASYCAP GmbH, partner to Brain Products, manufactures a wide variety of EEG/ERP-Recording Caps for all age-groups as well as all related accessories and consumables, single electrodes, and the unequaled calibration- and validation tool SIGGI II. Please see some standard solutions on the adjacent tabs.

    All caps are comfortable to wear and the ring-shaped electrodes allow for absolutely painless and at the same time quick and highly efficient impedance minimization. All electrodes are made with sensors of high-purity sintered Ag/AgCl, resulting in highest signal quality and lowest and steady electrode potentials. Additionally our electrodes are famous for their mechanical quality and long life span.

    EASYCAP GmbH also specializes in customizing electrode layouts and in manufacturing special caps compatible with other methods of acquiring neurophysiological signals. Please inquire for information about the possibilities.

    ?Individualized Electrode Layouts based on 10%-System, 10-5 System, Equidistant Layouts for all channel numbers

    ?Infracerebral Cap with extended recording area for Source Analysis, Dipole Localisation, etc.

    ?Caps optimized for DC-EEG

    ?Caps for Longterm / Sleep Recordings

    ?BrainCap-MR, suited for EEG recording together with fMRI

    ?MEG-compatible EEG Caps

    ?Caps for EEG together with TMS


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