Brain Products offers software for acquisition, analysis and online real-time data processing purposes. The stability of our programs and algorithms, ease of use and unparalleled support are our highest priority. Unlimited updates provide you with the latest enhancements – all free of charge. Discover the great variety of amazing processing options to boost your research work with effective and simple processing!

Our market leading complete EEG & ERP processing software with 10 years on the market and in use by more than 1.000 labs all over the world. Its unique history tree structure for analysis and powerful features with MATLAB ® integration, Wavelet analysis, ICA and many more makes it the perfect tool for analyzing data from nearly any EEG amplifier available on the market.

The BrainVision Recorder controls all of our amplifiers, displays and saves the incoming data. Various options such as online averaging or video integration are available. Direct output of incoming data to the network via TCPIP protocol makes the Recorder a BCI realtime-server.

BrainVision PyCorder - a Python-based open source acquisition software provided free of charge along with the actiCHamp.

Structured like our analysis software, BrainVision RecView lets you combine several transformations by drag & drop for online processing like MRI gradient and pulse correction, online FFT or Biofeedback calculations.