Brain Products offers EEG amplifiers for a variety of experimental uses in neurophysiological research. Every amplifier has been designed with a special intended use in mind but can be used for multi-purposes applications because of its broad feature range. All our hardware is manufactured under highest quality standards (to name a few: ISO 13485, EU-Directive 93/42/EEG Medical Devices, ISO 14971 Risk Management, IIEC60601-1 electrical and EMC tests) and carries the relevant CE marking. High CMMR combined with low internal noise ensure excellent signal quality.

BrainVision actiCHamp                                                                 
THE amplifier (32 - 160 EEG channels + 8 AUX channels)  designed for research only. Active electrodes, caps and recording software (BrainVision PyCorder) included.

Portable amplifier modules of 32 channels. The connection to a computer is established through a USB 2 interface. Various extension modules are available to be combined with existing hardware.

Our MR useable amplifiers and flagship amplifier series. Combined EEG & fMRI acquisition by placing the amplifiers directly inside the MR scanner bore ensures maximum data quality and respects safety aspects.

Portable amplifier modules of 8/16 channels. Our bipolar amplifiers can be combined with every BrainAmp amplifier or may be used as standalone systems.

Bipolar recording modules with 8/16 channels to be used in scanner environments for ECG, EMG or several sensors like GSR. BrainAmp MR amplifiers may be extended with the ExG amplifiers

Our education line not only for beginners. 8 channels plus 2 sensor channels including a full analysis package with several network licenses is the ideal training system. All physiological signals like EEG, EOG, ECG, EMG, Respiration etc. can be clearly demonstrated.

Wireless EEG System for any existing Amplifier.
The all-in-one-box solution especially designed to be a cost-effective system for multi-purpose use in neurophysiological labs is available with various configurations ranging from 32 to 256 channels. Each system also offers 4 integrated bipolar as well as 4 auxiliary channels for sensor input.

Our smallest system starting with 8 channels (plus 2 sensor channels) up to 16 channels (plus 2 sensor channels) already equipped with a 9-bit trigger port is equipped with powerful features such as sampling rates up to 20.000 Hz. The optimal companion where just a few channels are needed. Suitable for animal research as well as for BCI / Biofeedback applications.

The PowerMAG research stimulator is a solution specially designed for rTMS stimulation during EEG recording. Innovative hardware solutions implemented in the PowerMAG research allow the TMS stimulator to be phase synchronized with the EEG amplifiers and continuous EEGs to be recorded without any power line noise or recharging artifacts. The PowerMAG research can be combined with the BrainAmp DC system or can be used indepently for Transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Recording EEG the fast and easy way!
Although the variety of dry electrode systems available on the market kept increasing over the past years, we were aiming for something more flexible, comfortable and user friendly.

We are excited to introduce actiCAP Xpress, which not only works without gel, but particularly also speeds up the preparation of the cap significantly, thus offering an attractive solution to the problems that are often encountered with similar products currently on the market.

LiveAmp - a sleek wireless 32 + 8 ch. active amplifier especially designed for mobile EEG, Sleep- and Neuromarketing/Cognitive states
Our latest addition to the Brain Products amplifier family - the thrilling new LiveAmp - is now available to order.