All-in-one Package to start your BCI experiments today

Our BCI Package consists of:

  • a 16-channel V-AmpEEG amplifier system
  • a set of 18 active electrodes(incl. Reference and Ground electrode) to be connected directly to the V-Amp
  • the ImpBoxto easily measure the active electrodes' impedance values
  • 2 actiCAP softcaps with 32 possible electrode locations
  • a Starter Set (containing syringes, gel, etc.)
  • a Software Package incl. the full versions of BrainVision Analyzer 2 and BrainVision Recorder as well the Basic Module of BrainVision RecView.
  • an add-on cd with samples of BCI applications

... and all of this comes at an unbeatable price!

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Worldwide Caution: Our products are scientific equipment for INVESTIGATIONAL USE ONLY! Medical use e.g. for diagnosis, treatment of disease or other such purposes is strictly forbidden.