Spare electrodes, extra caps in different sizes, electrode gel, syringes, electrode washers, sensors and other consumables are available from our long list of accessories, ready to complete your lab setup.

MR Pillows and MR Kit
Two specials matched to improve EEG & & fMRI recordings consisting of useful tools which might not be available in every scanner environment. Get the best out of your scanner time.

actiCAP* flat Electrode
Active electrode for EEG-ExG co-registrationsPower Pack

Pin Electrode for actiCAP Holders
A passive pin electrode system, which perfectly fits to the actiCAP holders and electrode caps.

Rechargeable battery to be used with all types of BrainAmp amplifiers inside and outside the scanner environment.

Sensors non MR compatible
Peripheral data becomes more and more important to be combined with EEG recordings. If you are looking for the right sensors, we have got them at affordable prices

Sensors for MR
Based on our EEG/fMRI expertise, we are now offering a competely RF proof sensor for use inside the scanner, the GSR MR Module.

Improving the quality or combined EEG & fMRI recordings by phase-synchronizing the amplifier and scanner clock is as easy as 1,2,3 with the unique plug&play type synchbox. CE certified and isolated.

A fantastic testing tool which should be available in every lab. Try it, there is more inside than you expect.